Pokémon Go Charlotte: Three things that show it’s a success


Pokémon Go’s was released less than a week ago and the franchise is coming back stronger than ever. Nintendo stocks have soared after the game proved its popularity through becoming the most downloaded and highest grossing app. After I casually downloaded the app my day off turned into all out search for creatures not yet registered on my Pokédex.

  1. Charlotte has started a Facebook page and a Google map resource to help fellow trainers out. Awesome.Charlotte Go map
  2. It became quite the Google search throughout last week.Popularity graph(Google Trends: Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart. If at most 10% of searches for the given region and time frame were for “pizza,” we’d consider this 100. This doesn’t convey absolute search volume.)
  3. Nintendo stocks got quite the boost. The stock has soared up 82% since it’s lowest point in January of this year.Untitled-4By Joshua Komer