Comey’s letter about Clinton’s emails open old wounds with little explanation

In a letter to congress FBI director James B. Comey stated that new emails that have been released in a separate case give reason to potentially reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The investigation of the latest sexting scandal from Anthony Weiner included searching his laptop where they have found a new set of emails that could give reason to reopen the investigation of Clinton.

If there is evidence of mishandled classified information Clinton could face criminal charges.

Comey sent the email to congress in an attempt to fulfill an earlier promise of showing complete transparency, although less than two weeks from the election many politicians denounced his statement saying it was a political stunt.

While Clinton still has a lead in most polls, her lead has slipped since the letter was released by the FBI according to Real Clear Politics. Clinton responded during a rally in Florida saying “…it’s pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election.” Calling Comey’s actions “unprecedented.”

You can read the original letter sent by Comey here:


Correction: In a previous edition of this story, the Free Press stated that the Clinton Investigation has been reopened. In a separate case the FBI found emails pertinent to the Clinton Investigation that could reopen her case.