Trump takes the lead in North Carolina polls, a highly contested state

In a WRAL exclusive poll released Tuesday Republican nominee Donald Trump has taken the lead by a strong 7 points ahead of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee.

In a three way race WRAL recorded that Trump was at 51%, Clinton at 44%, and Libertarian Gary Johnson was tied with undecided voters at 3%.

These new poll numbers reflect the major announcement after a letter to congress released by the FBI stated that new emails pertaining to Hillary Clinton needed to be review. Although the severity of them are not yet known.

In a poll released by Remington Research Group that was released Oct. 31 gave Trump a two point lead over Clinton. The poll broke down the survey by city where Trump lead by 12%.

Real Clear Politics averages all state polls and puts the presidential nominees in a dead heat.

No matter what, go out and vote.