40 million Americans went to vote early – here are the results

After 40 million people mailed in their ballots or cast their votes early, it goes to show that no result is ruled out of this election.

Elect Project compiled early voting results from multiple sources, and these are the results they got:

North Carolina’s Democrats got out early, with 41.7 percent against the Republicans’ 31.9 percent, leaving Independent voters at 26.1 percent.

Florida is one of the tightest races, with 39.6 percent Democrats voting against 39.1 percent Republican, leaving the Independent vote at 18.9 percent.

Donald Trump plans to hold one final rally at 11 a.m. today in Sarasota, Florida. Hillary Clinton plans to have boots on the ground with Vice President Joe Biden, stopping in Tallahassee and St. Petersburg, Florida.

The other closest state is Arizona. Not only is the state currently a toss-up on who will win the electoral votes, but Democrats have seen a massive surge during voting. Arizona has voted Republican since 1952, with the exception of voting for Bill Clinton in 1996 by a margin of 2.2 percent. In the years since 1996, there was always a margin of 7 to 10 percent, which made it somewhat close, but still predictable.

Stay tuned for results from the general election and state races late Tuesday night.