Hillary Clinton makes one last push in North Carolina; Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi perform

More than 5,500 energetic people filled Reynolds Coliseum to show their support for Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic nominee wasn’t the only one on stage.

Lady Gaga opened the rally stumping for Hillary Clinton, saying, “She kept fighting for women, for children and for those in need.” The pop icon continued, “She didn’t wake up one morning and decide to become president, she’s had a career in politics that spans decades.”

Lady Gaga sang a few songs, then joined Bon Jovi for a new take on some of his classics.

Chelsea Clinton made her way to the stage next and said, “I am so excited to vote for my mom in a few hours.” Bill Clinton said North Carolinians have a chance to unify the state by voting for many state positions, adding, “So, I ask you not to quit until the polls close. … Don’t give it away, claim it tomorrow.”

“This is definitely worth staying up for,” Hillary Clinton said.

She pushed for her supporters to encourage others to vote in this historical election if they haven’t already. “North Carolina is key. It’s not only important for this election… Are you ready to elect Roy Cooper and Linda Coleman?” Clinton said as the crowd erupted, drowning out her words before she could finish her sentence.

Remington Research released a poll on Oct. 31 gauging how North Carolina would vote and found Clinton had a 10-point advantage in Raleigh with 6 percent undecided. In the same poll, Charlotte gave Trump a 12-point lead with 4 percent of voters undecided.

The race is extremely crucial in North Carolina. A victory in this state greatly improves the chances of winning the 270 electoral votes a candidate needs to become president.

You can see where all the candidates were today by clicking here.