It’s Election Day! Voting locations and important referenda at the bottom of your ballot

Election Day is here! There is a lot of excitement in deciding the biggest office in world and who will become the face of our country.

If you’re like me and everyone I’ve talked to, you can’t wait for the political ads to cease, along with the constant bickering between someone else’s emails and what was said on a bus next to Billy Bush.

Folks, we’re almost there.

Voting Locations

If you are going out to vote today, Mecklenburg County has compiled a list of polling locations, which you can find here. Once you are in the document, press CLT + F and type in your precinct to find your proper voting location. You can also follow this link and Google will help you out with where to vote.

Three important referenda

In Mecklenburg County, there are three important referenda at the bottom of the ballot. Some of these bonds may look familiar from 2014, too.

1. The $15 million Charlotte Housing Bond referendum is to help build homes for low-income families.

2. The $55 million Charlotte Neighborhood Improvement Bonds would go toward everything from improving curbs and sidewalks in neighborhoods to improving bike paths.

3. The $148 million Charlotte Transportation Bond would go to things ranging from installing more traffic lights to building a new bridge above I-85. Two years ago, this bond paid for some of the bridge being built above I-85 in University City.

The Transportation bond alone is more than the three bonds that were approved in 2014 combined.

Check the Free Press late Tuesday night for updates on national and local race results!