In season finale, John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” makes his case against Trump, 2016

On Sunday night, there was one thing on John Oliver’s mind.

Donald Trump.

In the season finale of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver shared his feelings on the unpredictability of the president-elect. “We have to believe everything he has said, he will follow through on,” Oliver said, citing Trump’s plans for “draining the swamp” despite the fact that Trump’s top advisers have been in public office for decades.

Oliver brought his usual humor: “That is so swampy, you’re going to have to swap out Air Force One for one of those shallow bottom boats with a propeller on the back.”

He continued, saying CNN admitted some fault for broadcasting almost all of Trump’s campaign speeches during the primaries, which gave Trump a massive amount of free airtime.

Oliver emphasized supporting local print journalism as a way to make a change in communities.

He concluded his season by noting all of the great musicians and icons who have died in 2016, including David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali.

Note: The full video has strong language, but you can watch it below.