Highlights from President Obama’s press conference Monday

Before leaving on his final international trip Monday, President Barack Obama addressed a room full of reporters waiting to ask questions about his meeting with President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama covered numerous topic as reporters hit him with questions from Trump’s temperament to the Affordable Care Act being repealed.

The president continuously referenced his meeting with Trump, saying it went really well and he felt like the advice he offered to the president-elect would help set him up as best as possible going into 2017.

Obama noted it was an impressive political upset that Trump created. “He found a way to tap into his voters’ anxiety and enthusiasm… and that’s impressive and I congratulated him on that,” Obama said.

He went on to say, “I won Iowa not because graphics dictated that I would win. It’s because I spent 87 days going to every small town’s … fairs, fish fries and VFW,” Obama said, adding that once people saw him face to face, it made the difference in his election.

“Do I have concerns? Absolutely I have concerns — he and I differ on a lot of issues,” Obama said of the incoming president.

Obama noted it will be an interesting next year to see how the ACA will play out with Trump in office.

He said Republicans have been running with the idea that Obamacare needs to be repealed for the past seven years.

He added that now that they have the majority, Republicans are looking at the 20 million Americans who now have health care and the price of a system that has increased more slowly than before it was implemented.

Obama stressed multiple times during the press conference that the Oval Office has many ways of hitting the current president with reality.

Just like he had issues he had to correct once he got into office, Obama said, Trump will have to recognize his own shortcomings to become the best president he could be.

Obama will be in Europe over the next week trying to calm fears of the U.S. possibly leaving NATO and encouraging all countries to stick with the European Union.