Fire destroys 40 years of memories, traditions at Camp Grimes

The iconic dining hall at Camp Grimes, a summer camp that houses Mecklenburg County Boy Scouts, went up in flames Sunday night.

Firefighters were only able to save the open shelter connected to the dining hall.

Investigators have deemed the cause of the fire an accident that started in the kitchen after hours. No one was injured during the incident.

The interior housed banners, carving and many other memories.

The interior housed banners, carvings and many other memories. Photo courtesy of Mecklenburg County Council

Scout Executive Mark Turner said in a statement, “The memories built over the last 40 years are steeped deep within our community, and this is a tremendous emotional loss to our Scouting family.
“Structures can be rebuilt, but we lost items that can never be replaced,” adding that many banners, original signage and other memorabilia have been destroyed.

Turner added that building a new structure will cost about $3.5 million, with about $1 million being covered by insurance. The Mecklenburg County Council has started a GoFundMe page that has raised $7,000 dollars as of noon Thursday.

In an FAQ, the council writes it will continue operations and will not hesitate to make reservations. The 2017 summer camp will go on as scheduled, though alternative arrangements for a proper dining hall may have to be made.