Forbes ranks North Carolina as one of the best places for business

Forbes rolled out its 11th annual “best states for business,” selecting five very different states. North Carolina came in at No.2, beating out states such as Texas, Nebraska and Colorado.

Utah was considered the best state for business, touting a vibrant tech sector and a governor who changed almost 400 regulations that freed up commerce.

Regardless of the new HB2 laws that kept Charlotte jobs away and lost millions in potential revenue, North Carolina had great perks for business such as having the second smallest union labor workforce.

Forbes uses 40 different metrics from 17 sources to help decide which states are ideal for a business.

North Carolina is still the only state that has made the top of the Forbes list 11 years running.

Five best states for business:

  1. 1 Utah
  2. 2  North Carolina
  3. 3  Nebraska
  4. 4 Texas
  5. 5 Colorado

Five worst states for business:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Alaska
  3. Mississippi
  4. Maine
  5. Vermont