District attorney’s office will not file charges against officer in Keith Lamont Scott shooting

The Charlotte police officer who was involved in the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott earlier this year will not face any charges, the district attorney’s office announced Wednesday morning.

In a confrontation that took place on Sept. 20 between officer Brentley Vinson and Scott, the DA’s office and the State Bureau of Investigation have ruled that officer Vinson’s use of lethal force was lawful.

The DA’s office and SBI concluded Scott was armed after reviewing the evidence. The document states that before any action was taken by police, Vinson told Sgt. Jim Pendergraph there was a weapon with Scott.

The officers were on a surveillance operation unrelated to Scott but noticed he had a weapon and decided to call in marked police cars, according to the statement. Both undercover and marked police cars approached Scott.

Scott reached for his ankle holster and police started shouting for him to drop his weapon. After Scott got out of his car and refused to drop his weapon, Vinson fatally shot Scott with four rounds.

Scott purchased the gun and the holster illegally from a seller for $100 in Gaston County, according to police.

Scott was a convicted felon and was not able to legally purchase a handgun. The seller admitted to selling Scott the handgun, saying, “Scott asked him to find him a weapon because he was having problems with his wife and her family, specifically his nephew.”

The DA’s decision was met with tension. Some people on social media have found these findings a cue for more protests, while others agree with the results.

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