How a train yard in uptown Charlotte could make the city more appealing

An area of Charlotte known for breweries and eateries is about to get an industrial renovation. The South End is getting a $14.2 million dollar rail repair facility near a thriving social scene that will pave the way for future high speed train travel.

The repair facility will help increase the number of trains from the two biggest cities in the state. The rail yard and repair facility is part of a statewide, federally funded project called the Piedmont Improvement Program. There are 19 different sub-projects that span from Raleigh to Charlotte that aim to improve safety and efficiency.


Rendering stage 2, a repair building that can accommodate high-speed trains

According to the DOT website, the Federal Railroad Administration awarded the state a $546.5 million grant from that program in 2010, and now $520 million of the money goes directly to the statewide project.

Many elements of the project, such as improving stations and eliminating railroad crossings, have already been completed near Raleigh.


Project overview

The repair station is slated for completion around August of this year. It will include half a mile of track for servicing and a 6,200 square foot building for repairs.

The federal stimulus enacted by former President Barack Obama is called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is meant to improve the speed and safety of the nation’s railways.