Weekend Roundup: Heavy rains in Charlotte; Canadian set on mowing even as tornado looms behind


Heavy rain injures one, leaves thousands without power north of Charlotte

Heavy rain in north Charlotte left thousands without power and injured one after a tree fell on a car as severe thunderstorms swept across the city. Some outages left people in the dark for hours.


14 arrested as tempers flare in Portland protests

Tempers ignited in Portland on Sunday afternoon after 14 were arrested when a “Trump Free Speech” rally ran into a makeshift protest in opposition to the rally. The opposing rally considered the Trump demonstrators to be racially motivated after a man stabbed and killed two people after he was confronted for shouting racial slurs at two women last month. Full story here.

Like Obama’s first term, Trump must decide on a war in Afghanistan

The New York Times published an article on how President Donald Trump’s top advisers are split on adding troops to Afghanistan or slowly pulling away from conflict in that part of the world. Full story here.

Trump is nearing a final infrastructure overhaul

President Donald Trump is working toward a final draft of how he will rebuild the foundation of America. The main catch is putting the burden on local governments whereas in the past, the federal government would normally take the financial hit. Full story here.


London attack executed by 3 assailants

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the latest attack was enough after three assailants used a van to plow through a crowd in London and began an assault using hunting knives that killed seven and left dozens injured. A full timeline, along with preventative action the country plans to take, is available here.


Golden State Warriors continue hot streak

The Golden State Warriors are now 14-0 in the playoffs after beating the Cavaliers 132-113 on Sunday night. Cleveland’s LeBron James continues to have outstanding games in an attempt to overthrow the Warriors’ undefeated post-season streak. Full coverage of Game 2 here.

NHL finals

The Nashville Predators answered back with a 5-1 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Saturday. The Predators trailed 0-2 in the series but regained momentum in front of a wild Nashville crowd. Full game recap here.

Bonus Story

Fearless Canadian mows lawn as tornado looms behind him


An Alberta resident had no worries as he was mowing his lawn over the weekend with a large funnel cloud looming behind him. “I was keeping an eye on it,” Theunis Wessels said after his wife snapped a quick photo of it to share with her friends on Facebook. Little did she know that mowing a lawn in front of a tornado is viral material. You can read the full interview here.