Gov. Roy Cooper says no way to offshore drilling in North Carolina

Oil rig offshore

In an expected move, Gov. Roy Cooper said he opposed the possibility of oil exploration and drilling off the coast of North Carolina.

According to a press release, at least 30 coastal communities have passed resolutions opposing drilling, joining hundreds of businesses and a bipartisan group of North Carolina’s Congressional delegation.

“It’s clear that opening North Carolina’s coast to oil and gas exploration and drilling would bring unacceptable risks to our economy, our environment, and our coastal communities—and for little potential gain,” Cooper said.

This statement comes at a time in which one of President Donald Trump’s executive orders may make progress. The order instructs the department of the Interior to open up hundreds of miles of the Atlantic Ocean, just one year after former President Barack Obama made the area off limits. The order calls for seismic testing and the possibility of drilling in an untapped region.

The executive order was signed in April of this year, but as Trump’s presidency continues to hit roadblocks, drilling off the east coast may be his next chance at showing a successful tenure.