As Hurricane Irma nears US, meteorologists predict Cuba, maybe Florida will be hit

Antilles expected to get brunt of Category 4 storm

Hurricane Irma is strengthening in the Atlantic, and meteorologists are getting a better idea of where the storm is heading. According to the National Hurricane Center, hurricane watches and warnings have been sent out from Guadeloupe to Cuba as Irma strengthens to a Category 4 storm with winds reaching 130 mph.

For the United States, it is still unclear where the major storm may hit, but Florida is becoming a more likely target. The five-day target shows a wide cone, which means the storm could be on either edge of the predicted area in five days. Since the storm is still far away, it’s hard for meteorologists to predict its ultimate path.

The predicted path as of Monday September 4, 2017 at 6 p.m. EST

Bob Henson, a meteorologist with Weather Underground, wrote in his latest update that although the chance of the hurricane reaching a Category 5 is possible, the most extreme models show that Irma will not become the worst storm on record.

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