Cam Newton is “winning this football game at any and all costs” as Panthers prep for season opener

After recovering from a shoulder surgery during the offseason and into training camp, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is ready to take on the new season without any reservations. Spending more time off the field and overhauling his diet, Newton stayed busy bettering himself in any way possible.

When asked what it was like not getting many reps in before the season, Newton said it’s been a good thing. “(Coach Ken) Dorsey has done a great job with staying on top of finding ways to challenge me in the classroom as well as on the field without throwing a football,” even to the point of literally bringing homework back as he trained, Newton said.

“(It was) different … a lot of younger guys than years past that I’ve been more hands on with, and it has allowed me to reteach the game and allowed me to learn the game even more,” Newton said in a press conference.

Cam had a perfect run in the preseason, where he completed two passes for 21 yards and a touchdown for a victory over the Jaguars in August.

After head coach Ron Rivera said he didn’t know what to expect from Newton, a reporter asked if the quarterback himself knew what to expect. “Yes,” Newton said. “We have to be prepared to win this football game at any and all costs,” Newton said about the 49ers game Sunday.