What would Charlotte look like with Amazon’s second headquarters?

Amazon has made a huge proposal, and cities like Charlotte and Raleigh plan to weigh in.

Amazon announced it will open a second headquarters in North America that will be the same size as its current Seattle location. The company sent out the press release last week to find the most enticing deal, along with the best location.

What would Charlotte look like if Amazon invested $5 billion into the city and promised tens of thousands of jobs with a median pay of $100,000 over the next decade?

For perspective, here are the largest employers in Charlotte:

  • Carolinas HealthCare system (35,000 employees)
  • Wells Fargo (23,000 employees)
  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (18,000 employees)
  • Walmart (17,000 employees)
  • Bank of America (15,000 employees)
  • Novant Health (11,000 employees)

Amazon’s Seattle headquarters currently has 40,000 employees, and the company is looking to have up to 50,000 employees to the new location. It plans to start with at least 500,000 square feet of office space and expand to 8.1 million square feet by 2030.

For comparison, the Bank of America Corporate Center has 1.1 million square feet of Class A office space. Accommodating the tech giant would be like adding just over seven of the Bank of America buildings to the Charlotte skyline.

Free Press Graphic

The potential for revenue

According to data taken from its Seattle headquarters, Amazon has spent $3.7 billion on construction and infrastructure, payed its employees $25.7 billion and payed out $43 million in public transportation for employees over the past seven years. The data was taken from 2010 until this year when Amazon moved their headquarters to Seattle.

Although the numbers are specific to Seattle, it can give potential cities like Charlotte an idea of the impact a tech giant has when it moves in.

The impact of Amazon coming to Charlotte would change the face of the city and give a guaranteed boost to the economy. Charlotte may not be No. 1 on Amazon’s list, but the Queen City has all the minimum requirements needed to make a base for a new headquarters.

The New York Times ranked each potential city in an article worth checking out. Charlotte made its top 15, while Raleigh made top 10 out of 50 potential cities.

You can read Amazon’s full proposal here.