Charlotte goes all out with #CLTisPrime website to attract Amazon’s second headquarters

Like many major cities, Charlotte is bidding for Amazon’s second headquarters and has now gone all out to get the tech giant’s attention.

Charlotte economic developers created a website with the hashtag #CLTisPrime to encourage residents to tell Amazon why the Queen City is a “prime” location for the new headquarters.

Proposals are due Oct. 19, and Charlotte developers are aggressively pursuing the opportunity to bring 50,000 jobs to the area, along with billions in future economic impact.

Little reminders of Charlotte’s bid are showing up around the city, with CATS buses announcing, “Hey Amazon! #CLTisprime,” next to route numbers.

A bus announces “Hey Amazon! #CLTisPrime,” seen here at the Charlotte Area Transit System. (Photo by Joshua Komer)

Other cities have gotten creative. Tuscan, Arizona, tried to send a cactus to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (it was sadly returned), and a Georgia town offered to rename a portion of the town Amazon.