Here are all the ads to give you a head start on Black Friday shopping this week

Black Friday shopping is always a scramble, but we found a website that will lead you to all the best deals before you see them in the newspaper Thursday.

BestBlackFriday.com has some of the biggest store’s ad scans so you can get a head start on where to go first when you’re shopping for the best deals.

After flipping through some of the ads, here is what we found.

Kohl’s has some of the best deals if you’re willing to do a lot of shopping there. Not only do they have competitive pricing on electronics, but they shell out “Kohl’s cash,” so the more you spend, the more store credit you can get for other holiday gifts. Example: If you buy a PlayStation 4 for $199.99 and a 55″ 4K TV for $299.99, you would end up with $150 in store credit to use at your next visit.

Best Buy has some great deals on TV’s if you are willing to get a 50″ over the 55″ ones that others are advertising. The 4K TV on the front page of their ad is only $179.99.

Target has a lot of deals on toys. You can save up to 50% on board games and remote-control cars, and up to 30% on Legos.

There are hundreds of ads and thousands of deals to check out. Go to BestBlackFriday.com for more.