Weekend headlines: Florida shooting victims demand change, Trump reacts after Russia indictment

Florida shooting victims say #Enough

A deadly rampage in a Florida high school that left 17 people dead and 14 others wounded — most of whom were students — left the community of Parkland shaken and a nation in shock. The survivors from the shooting are speaking out for change, demanding tighter gun laws. These high schoolers are finding a unified voice to criticize adults on the lack of change in policy. Activist groups have rallied around the victims by organizing a walkout for everyone from elementary school to college on March 14, along with a march on Washington on March 24. You can read more from the survivors here.

Trump feels vindicated, then defensive after Russian indictment

After an indictment by special counsel Robert Mueller, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to shout “no collusion.” While Trump initially thought the announcement was a victory against what he considers fake news, it quickly became clear that the indictment could question the legitimacy of Trump winning the election by his own power. You can read the president’s reaction from the weekend, along with him backtracking on the Russia investigation being fake news by clicking here.

Man charged after deadly crash in Charlotte split his car in half

A man was charged late Saturday night after he hit multiple trees and split his car in half, killing a woman in Barclay Downs. You can read how it unfolded by clicking here.


Weekend Roundup: Cold weather, Panthers sign Peppers and Trump won’t back down

Charlotte News

Winter weather brushes Carolinas

Flakes fell Sunday morning and blanketed the Carolinas with a layer of snow that quickly melted. Some people in southeast Charlotte lost power as a result of the weather, but as temperatures neared the freezing mark Sunday night, all power had been restored. Temperatures will continue to dip below freezing throughout the week with highs in the 50s, according to the National Weather Service.

 Carolina Panthers make waves

If last week was any indication of how the Panthers season will be in 2017, get ready for a wild ride. Not only did the team give up Kony Ealy to New England, but there was both excitement and disapproval after the Panthers announced they are bringing back Julius Peppers from the Green Bay Packers. Peppers started his career with the Panthers in 2002 and played for UNC while in college. There were many other signings and trades that made waves – you can read all about them by clicking here.

National News

Wiretapping allegations against Obama still linger in D.C.

Sen. John McCain, along with many lawmakers on both sides, are calling for President Donald Trump to prove the wiretapping allegations he made against his predecessor Barack Obama. McCain said, “The president of the United States could clear this up in a minute,” adding that all Trump needs to do is make a phone call to the CIA so the American people can get an answer. You can read more on McCain’s response by clicking here.

Global News

Russia claims to be “demonized” by U.S.

Russia is starting to answer back to the constant accusations of the country meddling in U.S. elections. A Kremlin spokesman said Russia is being demonized and that it was impossible for them to have had a part in the U.S. presidential election. Read more on Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s reasoning by clicking here.


March Madness is underway after Duke upended UNC 93-83 in the ACC semifinals last weekend. UNC ended up with the No. 1 seed in the South Region, while Duke will start as No. 2. You can read more about who they will be playing against by clicking here.


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Weekend roundup: Trump, Clinton face off in second Presidential debate, Hurricane Matthew

The second presidential debate started off at full speed after Donald Trump was asked about the leaked video of him making lewd remarks about what he would do to a woman. Cooper asked this after the first question, made by one of the audience members, who asked the candidates how they are an example to the younger generations. The topic of that tape is the #1 most talked about on Facebook for this election. As the debate moved forward Clinton’s emails, foreign policy and  the economy were main topics. You can read a full recap of the debate here.

Source: National Weather Service
Source: National Weather Service

Hurricane Matthew left a devastating through Haiti leaving over 500 dead and tens of thousands displaced, according to the Associated Press. Matthew made its way up the coast and into the Carolinas with torrential rainfall. As of noon Monday 22 people have been reported dead after major flooding occurred along the plains of North Carolina. You can read the full story here.



Photo by Keith Allison
Photo by Keith Allison

Monday night the Panthers will face off against the Buccaneers at home but will be missing one key player. The NFL reported that Cam Newton was officially ruled out of playing the game as he continues to go through concussion protocol. Derek Anderson, the backup QB for the past five years and has a 2-0 record against the Buccaneers and will play in his place. You can read more about Cam here.

Weekend Headlines: NC voter ID law overturned, Trump insults Army Gold Star

The top local story came in Friday afternoon where U.S. Appeals court struck down North Carolina’s Voter ID law, a law enacted in 2013 has been one of many topics that put the Carolinas in the national spotlight. The court ruling decided that the law with discriminatory intent against African-Americans.  Read full article here.

Trump found himself in hot water after commenting about a Muslim family that spoke at the DNC, and had lost a son in the Iraq war. “… if you look at his wife, she was standing there. She had nothing to say.” adding “She probably, maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.” Many Republicans fell silent after Trump made these comments, leaving the Republican Candidate to fend for himself. Ghazala Khan, mother of a fallen US soldier, wrote in a Washington Post editorial “[Trump] knows nothing about sacrifice.” Khizr Khan later interviewed on CNN and echoed the same message. Read full story here.

An exclusive story by Reuters stated that the Clinton Campaign was also hacked in a continuing cyber attack on Democrats. Read full story here.

A tragic story came out of Texas after a hot air ballon crash killed 16 people. It was suspected that the balloon hit power lines on its way down. Read full story here.